Tips for Songwriters from Brenda Lee Eager

Invaluable songwriting tips from Soul Music great, Brenda Lee Eager

In episode one of How I Go The Gig, Brenda Lee Eager goes back in time to share some of the amazing stories that made her into the singer/songwriter she is today. She shares some of her secrets with developing artists and we are thrilled to have captured some gems like these:

“I’ve always said this to young artists, ‘Have your fans fall in love with who you are. Be the personality they want to come see whether you have a hit record or not.'”

“Find your passion, find whatever that is, and when you go for it, the universe will support you in it. It will hold you up and it will guide you through it, but you gotta know what you want to do. And if you don’t … ask.” -Brenda Lee Eager

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