“I’m excited and supportive about what Jammcard is doing for music professionals. Jammcard elevates the industry in new ways, from connections and new opportunities, to helping represent themselves in a freelance world.”

– Quincy Jones (producer, arranger) Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra



“I built the band for Zedd so easily. Using Jammcard was an amazing, simple, pleasant experience and we got the best players in the game.”

– Dave Rene (Manager) Zedd



“It’s unique because it’s for artists. It’s for us to be us. Artists are so used to playing in the background and making this world turn, and we never get a chance to be acknowledged even amongst our peers because we’re all so busy working to support our families. Jammcard is very important because it brings us close together as one, and we’re not separated. There’s no need to be divided no more in life. No more division, no more race issues, no more human issues, there’s other shit. I think Jammcard brings people together on a fair playing ground … What they told me America was, they lied to me, but Jammcard feels closer to what they told me America is supposed to be like.”

Terrace Martin (Producer) Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock, SZA



“Jammcard is the easiest way to book bands for your artist.”

– Jake Udell (Manager) Krewella, Gallant



“I love and prefer using Jammcard booking to set up my gigs and lessons. it’s the only consistent source of booking that ensures payment without any concern. I don’t have to send any follow up emails to people reminding them to pay me. Once the gig is over, I know the money will be in my account. it also keeps all the communication and info in one place so there’s no missing details. takes so much of the extra work out of booking.”

Nicole Row (bass) Panic! At The Disco



“Jammcard Booking is LEGIT. No guessing, no waiting. Safe & secure. I enjoy being booked here because it’s super easy and straightforward. It’s great to have a platform as diverse as Jammcard. I’ve been discovered and booked on Jammcard for some of the biggest artists in the world. I highly recommend it.”

– Philip Lassiter (trumpet, horn arranger) Prince



“I’ve really enjoyed and continue to encourage people booking me through jammcard. It definitely gives me greater peace of mind when working with people I haven’t built rapport with. It makes the negotiation process quicker and upfront. You also don’t have to worry about someone not paying you after your work is finished. I also think the jammcard platform makes people feel a bit more comfortable about approaching a musician they may not know personally. I imagine it feels less invasive and they also don’t have to worry about sending you a DM and you possibly never seeing it.”

Rod Castro (guitar) Beyonce, Ellie Goulding



“I really love the new booking app that Jammcard offers, it really makes it a ONE STOP SHOPPING experience when clients are looking for musicians for sessions. The booking and payment process I found very user friendly and reliable.”  

– Angie Swan (guitar) David Byrne



“Jammcard Booking is a really convenient way to connect on a professional level with peers in the music industry. My bookings range from simple zoom meetings to discuss artist development and production techniques, to full-on mixing gigs, and even Splice connected with me through Jammcard. It’s easy to trust that payment will come in immediately after the job is completed being that it’s made possible by Stripe and Jammcard! Overall, super pro and super easy to use. Thanks Jammfam.”

Mid-Air (producer, engineer)



“Using the Jammcard app for booking has been a life saver during these times.. it’s helped me to keep my schedule intact.. the Jammcard team really knocked this mug out the park for us.. it makes it easy for everyone to communicate no matter if it’s for lesson or recording session or gigs.. the payment system is simple for the sender and receiver.. it’s everything that you never realized that you need until you got it.. now it’s a necessity! bravo to the entire Jammcard team for constantly innovating for the music community…”

Bubby Lewis (bass) Snoop Dogg



“I highly recommend Jammcard booking to set up my gigs, lessons and to receive jobs from it! It is a reliable and stable source to book and receive gigs from. I love the fact that I will receive the payment as soon my task complete and the funds will go straight to my bank account! (CHING CHING). Also I love the fact communication is clear so there isn’t confusion on what is required for the gig and the Jammcard team will answer back quickly if you have any questions! Thank you Jammcard for all that you do for the musician community!”

– Bianca Richardson (drums) Willow Smith, Marcus Miller



“Jammcard booking is a great resource for all music professionals.  As an engineer/mixer it allows me to concentrate on being creative and not worry about the business side of the music business.  Booking mixing or tracking dates through Jammcard booking is convenient, clear, and easy for both myself and the artists.  Knowing the business of being creative is clearly handled and payment will be sent directly to my account when the project is complete takes away stress, hassle, and need of any payment discussions during or after working.  It lets everyone focus on what is important, making music.”

Chandler Herrod (mixing engineer) Jack White, John Mayer



“Jammcard Booking has been really convenient and an amazing feature to present musicians like me with amazing opportunities and the best part is you get paid when the gig is done. I love that you can set it up to get paid directly to your checking acct or debit card. It’s honestly one of the best features I’ve ever encountered as a self employed musician”

– Lynette Williams aka Hammondgal (keyboard) Childish Gambino



“I love using Jammcard booking! It makes teaching guitar a much easier experience for me. I never have to worry about receiving payments, because it’s done automatically. So I know once I’m finished teaching, the payment is already in my account. All you really have to worry about is teaching, because everything else is handled!”

Ari O’Neal (guitar) Beyoncé



“I had such a chill time using Jammcard booking to set up a session and get paid! It was so easy to set a rate and get paid to do some promo/content and not have any weirdness after to chase money and get paid! Once the job was done, the dollars are in my account. Easy. All the chats and info are in the same spot and the annoying work is done for you haha I LOVE IT!”

– Isaac Bolivar (guitar, synth, keys) Seal, Banks



“The Jammcard booking feature is a game changer. I was fortunate enough to be booked a few times via Jammcard. I did a job for Splice and a gig I played for Jammcard’s Black Power live as of late. Both times presented an easy pressure free exchange between myself and the client. All I had to do was press accept and My money was shortly deposited. No awkward transactions or pages of paperwork to fill out. I recommend everyone to use the Jammcard booking for a seamless exchange between client and artist.”

– Danny Mills (bass) Charlie Puth, Jidenna



“Jammcard Booking is great for booking gigs, everything is easy from booking a gig to getting paid. I previously use Jammcard Booking for a splice demo and was impressed with how fast everything went from getting book to getting paid right after doing my splice demo. Everything is easy and straight to the point when using Jammcard Booking. I highly recommended for musicians and artists”

Marcus Machado (guitar) Anderson .Paak, Robert Glasper



“I am forever grateful to Jammcard!! From landing a summer arena tour with Grace VanderWaal to linking up with other industry professionals for jams and sessions – Jammcard has become an indispensable tool that has allowed me to expand my music network in a super cool and interactive way. You all rule.”

– Melissa Dougherty (guitar) Grace Vanderwaal



“Jammcard is IT. I’ve booked musicians not just for bands I’m a part of/MD for, but also for ones all over the country. It’s the easiest, must useful tool to get quality FAST. I’ve found artists on Jammcard for multiple TV gigs, headline tours, etc. Not to mention getting a few gigs myself!! The revolution begins baby.”

– Joel Manduke (drummer, producer) Wyclef Jean, Anderson.Paak, T Pain



“Jammcard offers me a clear window into my own world. A perfectly simple platform from which to explore the unknown and reconnect with old friends. In my own community, I’ve personally witnessed its power to bring amazingly diverse groups of artists and musicians into the same orbit. Jammcard’s potential impact upon the music industry as a whole is nearly incalculable. A truly inspiring thing is happening, here and now.”

– Craig Young (bass) Elton John, Blake Shelton, Michael McDonald



“Jammcard is such a dope app. So far, I have officially booked two gigs through Jammcard and so many connections. One of these gigs was with Dr. Dre!!! What??? #bucketlist!! Thanks Jammcard!! The JammJams are always really fun networking opportunities! So many dope musicians and industry professionals all in one place!!! Elmo you are the man!!!”

– Chris Johnson (trombone) Beyonce, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Cardi B



“It’s such a great network! All sorts of musicians can connect with each other and get together. I’m actually getting together with a couple of different writers through Jammcard. Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) invited me on to it. You get to collaborate and hit each other up and say ‘hey, let’s do something’ … it’s a really amazing thing. There’s a lot of talent in there.”

Orianthi (guitar) Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Santana



“We were looking for an incredible set of LA musicians for this tour, so we went on Jammcard. It was so easy to use, right there on my iPhone, I’m scrolling through the illest musicians in LA. Seriously, Jammcard really saved our lives out here. We could be selective, since we knew what type of band we were searching for, and thanks to Jammcard, it made our job really easy, and we got exactly what we needed, instantly.”

Adrian X (musical director) Drake, PartyNextDoor



“I just performed with Marina and the Diamonds and I actually got the gig from Jammcard! This is the second time I’ve gotten a gig from the app! Thank you guys! I love my Jammcard fam!“

– Kayla Starr Watson (background vocals) Odesza, Iggy Azalea, Rachel Platten, Marina and the Diamonds



“Having Jammcard in Nashville is fantastic for our community in Music City. The JammJam reminds all of us that there are so many skilled players in so many genres here. In a town known for its songwriters and storytellers, Nashville’s level of musicianship can often be overlooked, but I can’t wait to see how this community grows with Jammcard’s involvement.“

David Hodges (songwriter, producer) Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban



“I’m now at Warner Bros shooting a DC comic film because I was cast via Jammcard. Thank you!”

– Spencer Ludwig (trumpet/artist) Capital Cities



“Jammcard has increased my visibility to key players in the music industry; from being invited to audition for A-list artists such as Katy Perry, to singing for a room full of creatives at the JammJam’s. The network is priceless and the energy felt at each event is full of genuine love and inspiration. I’m forever grateful to Elmo and his team for creating a sense of family for everyone involved in the music entertainment industry. It’s a blessing and I’m honored to be a member.”

– Tiffanie Cross (vocals, background vocals) Kanye West, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj



“I heard about the audition through Jammcard, I came in, and now here I am. PARTYNEXTDOOR World Tour.”

– Devon “Stixx” Taylor (drums) Justin Bieber, Post Malone, PartyNextDoor



“Jammcard has been amazing to me! So far I booked one tour and two shows. Thank you for this amazing platform.

– Krystal Smith (drums) Kelsey Lu



“Got the keyboard player locked in thanks again to JAMMCARD!!”

– Javad Day (musical director, keys) Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mac Miller



“Jammcard is exactly what Nashville has been missing; a thruline to bridge the genre gap. If ‘Music City’ is to live up to its name, it MUST cross-pollinate. It’s about damn time.”

Audra Mae (singer songwriter) Avicii, Christina Aguilera



“I got offered a gig with Bishop Briggs through Jammcard. If I wasn’t already on tour at the time I would’ve taken it! It’s definitely a much needed platform in the modern and ever-changing music industry.”

– Ben Darwish (musical director) Mike Posner, KD Lang, Natasha Bedingfield



“I absolutely love the Jammcard community and all the incredible people I’ve been able to connect with that I may not have had if not been for this platform! Dreamers pursuing dreams and supporting one another along the way is a beautiful thing! Here’s to more work, adventures, connection and magic making to come.“

– Chelsea Latimer (background vocals) Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara



“Through Jammcard, I have been extended numerous opportunities to write, produce and record with a number of artists. I’ve also been able to extend opportunities to others and send recommendations as well. There is truly no other place like Jammcard and I look forward to much continued success!”

– Jessica Jolia (background Vocals) Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, The Chainsmokers



“Jammcard is an amazing resource for singers and musicians; something the industry has needed for a long time. One concise platform where you can network, show your skills and connect with new people is truly gold! Thanks so much to Elmo and the team for creating something we can actually use!”

– Nayanna Holley (background vocals) Robin Thicke, Selena Gomez, Sheryl Crow



“I love Jammcard, I think it fills a massive hole that lived in the music community for far too long by connecting people with opportunities that apply to them in the most credible, reliable, safe and easy way imaginable.  I’m sure it’s already changed many lives, for example mine- I have gotten the biggest opportunities I’ve ever had, and I also booked my career favorite gigs through Jammcard. I’m also enjoying the music discovery aspect and the ever blooming and expanding community.”

– Nylo (keyboards, background vocals, drums) Sohn, Yuna



“I’ve made sooooo many new friends through Jammcard over the last year and a half and after being back from tour for only a week, already booked a new gig through the Jammcard app. Let’s get it!”

Bonnie McIntosh (keys) Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus



“Jammcard is run by real musicians who understand the landscape for freelancers in the industry.”

– Luke Sullivant (guitar) Kelly Clarkson, Mandisa



“I love Jammcard. I’ve never gone into an audition having so many great people. It’s been overwhelming.”

– Ian Longwell (musical director, programmer, drums) Beck, Santigold



“Jammcard is the coolest musicians network on the planet.”

– Joe Clegg (musical director) Mumford and Sons, Ellie Goulding



“I’m so appreciative for Jammcard because as we all know, moving to LA when you’re young and trying to get connected into the music scene can be difficult. Jammcard has allowed me to easily connect with professionals that have become friends and business partners. Thanks to Jammcard I’ve landed great gigs like singing with Sabrina Carpenter for various shows. I recommend this network to all of the music professionals I know!”

– Nariah Francois (artist, background vocals) Sabrina Carpenter, Bambaata Marley



“Jammcard app is dope. The app has a sole purpose to connect real musicians & in a great way. Let’s you display your resume which can potentially get you some additional work as well look for other musicians to put to work as well. I do like the fact that not just everyone can join however it’s a very friendly & user friendly app. Jammcard is alright with me!”

– LaMarcus Eldrige (background vocals) Beyonce, Chris Martin



“Jammcard has given me a lot of hope for my building relationships with other musicians here in LA. Some folks say LA is cold but I truly believe Jammcard is making it easier for us to connect and build. I love y’all!”

– Joy Daniels (background vocals) Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith



“This is the best representation I’ve ever seen of what the Nashville music scene is in one place. It’s kinda crazy that it took someone from out of town to bring Nashville together, but I’m so glad that Elmo did.”

– Mike Hicks (keys, background vocals)  Rascal Flatts



“I never thought I would be able to connect so easily with such amazingly talented (and kind!) musicians. Thank you, Jammcard, for making this possible! Your commitment to quality and building relationships in the music industry is what will help keep this industry moving forward.”

– Lila Crosswhite (violin) Chance the Rapper, Alan Parsons



“Jammcard gives new hope and forward thinking to both old and new Nashville.”

– Daru Jones (drums) Jack White, Talib Kweli



“Jammcard is the only social media platform that exclusively brings together pro musicians of all backgrounds, cultures, creeds, and musical styles, while simultaneously providing the means to experience each other’s talents through online videos and the JammJam. I love the JammJams because it’s a much needed artist oasis during year long touring/session work and it gives an opportunity for members to catch up with industry friends that they normally wouldn’t see due to busy schedules. Elmo Lovano really has done an incredible service for us and it warrants our gratitude.”

– Richard Velzen (trombone)  Alejanda Guzman, Gloria Trevi



“Since relocating to this incredible town of boundless creativity Jammcard has been an incredible resource to meet, talk and collab with an incredibly musically diverse group of players on a professional level. On a personal level the constant stream of positive energy and talent coming through the newsfeed every day is a constant source of feel good. Keep it up, fam!”

– Victor Broden (musical director, bass) LeAnn Rimes, Richard Marx



“It’s cool to get the lowdown on who all of these great musicians are, instead of “who is that person that played with __?” Great family here Jammcard!”

– Daniel McCallum (bass) Gwen Stefani, Cake



“Jammcard is the future of finding gigs and musicians.  I’ve connected and worked with countless of musicians. Because everything you do is in one spot it makes it a breeze for people to reach out and validate you as a player. It’s simply the best.”

– Danny Mills (bass) Charlie Puth, Yuna



“Jammcard rocks my world! I love connecting with old friends and meeting cool new people. Hope to meet many more at the JammJam. Thanks for everything you do Elmo Lovano.”

Michael Arrom (keys) Keith Urban, Steve Vai



“I love Jammcard so much! It’s so inspiring to see all of these amazing humans killing it! Forever grateful for this app.”

– Simone Jackson (violin) Talib Kweli



“I became a Jammcard member a year ago and fell in love with the community so much! Jammcard has connected me with so many amazing humans and given me opportunities I never thought I would get, & has brought me even closer to my day 1 friends! Thank you, Jammcard, for all the opportunities, friendships, talent, and good vibes you spread!!”

– Emma Negrete (background vocals) Christina Aguilera



“Jammcard is the first social network for musicians that I haven’t deleted after a week because I actually got to connect to many professional musicians, opportunities and friends. It’s legit the best networking app for musicians out there and I’m proud to be part of it! I enjoy seeing the community grow and browsing through the apps newsfeed. It inspires me daily to work harder. Several gigs and auditions have opened up for me thanks to Jammcard that I otherwise would have missed. Jammcard is truly the best network to connect with others in the scene.”

– Till Richter (drums) Allen Stone



 “It’s really great and incredibly supportive. I mean, there’s been a lot of times when I’m in a crunch and I need a drummer for a spot, and I’ll just post in Jammcard, “Hey I’m in Chicago, I need somebody on this NPR stop,” and you know, that’s how I met Jessica Burdeaux, and she came in and killed it and we keep in touch for any other gigs that I’m at towards the midwest or whatever. And I met Brendan, a really brilliant drummer in New York, who I met off Jammcard. Yeah, it’s been really, really cool.”

– Naia Izumi (artist)



“Jammcard has taken Networking to a new level with a platform that allows the busy pros to connect even faster. Being kind of new to LA still, Jammcard has also helped me build more genuine friendships with people that do the same things that I do. I love how you bring us together for an experience that we will never forget!”

– Korey Keys (keys) Rozzi



“I love you Jammcard community! I’ve met some incredible musicians here! And I mostly appreciate the acknowledgement and appreciation for women musicians! You don’t see that a lot. Thanks for the support and respect! I’m still available for summer gigs, tours, etc. if anyone needs a singer! Much love!”

– Lisa Margaroli (background vocals) Lou Gramm, Linda Perry



“Jammcard is the ultimate 1 stop shop for musicians and artists alike!!! It’s an online social network between only the hardest working pros. It’s a place to post your resume as well as feature your content. And most importantly, it adds the biggest pack to the punch by hosting the best all-in-one-networking and performance events in all of Los Angeles.”

– John Notto (guitar) Talib Kweli, LP



“Jammcard thank you for giving us a place to connect with others! There is so much unity in this community (rhyme game strong) and among some of the greatest musicians out there! I’m thankful for this family and excited to see what’s in store!”

– Bianca Richardson (drums) Marcus Miller, Moonchild



“Man, Jammcard is such a dope community for musicians. I’ve linked with a couple cats on here I would not have met otherwise! Can’t wait for the next JammJam!”

– Marcus Lomax (producer) Selena Gomez, Maroon 5



“I love Jammcard and the whole community it created. Jammcard connects us in a very convenient way. Now I don’t have to blindly contact people. I can just search up the right people for the right project! I also meet up with a lot of new awesome friends every JammJam event which makes my collaborations much more interesting. As for tour auditions, I don’t have to look or ask elsewhere. I always find legit “musician-calls” on the app. Jammcard just changes the whole game. I have to say thank you to Elmo Lovano and his teams for their creativity and hard work!”

– Billy Lebua (session bass)



“I love to see all the different styles, genres, and vibes represented on Jammcard, Elmo Lovano you nailed it!”

– Martin Diller (drums) Yuna



“The first thing that caught my attention was how positive and supportive the community is on this app, and how everyone’s a musician and that I don’t have to filter out through the hundreds of posts to get quality music content.”

– Matias Rengel (producer, guitar) – Snoop Dogg



“Jammcard is a great way to connect, ask questions, get advice Pro to Pro. I’ve used many other pro musician forms and communities, but this app is more interactive and the response time is a lot faster and more reliable. I check up on here daily to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Pro music world. I have recommended Jammcard to all my working pro musician friends.”

Mike Hill Bass (musical director) ZZ Ward



“Jammcard is one of the best communities for like-minded passionate musicians to connect with each other, build relationships, find work and collaborate. It really is like a better LinkedIn. Except it’s for musicians and I don’t get requests from my old high school teachers on it, and I don’t completely forget I have an account. Have met some cool people through this app, and look forward to hopefully meeting more at this upcoming Capitol Records JammJam.”

– Bret Paddock (utility player) Sam Tsui, Lindsey Stirling



“I love Jammcard! Got plenty of gigs/ offers off of jammcard and especially been able to get subs whenever I need which is awesome!”

– Tosh Peterson (drums) Nik West



“We really needed this!”

– Matt Spatola (guitar) Ty Dolla $ign



“Apart from great content and social networking Jammcard fosters a great sense of community for established and up and coming musicians by providing a place to gather and connect while supporting our peers.”

Ash Jangda (guitar) Willow Smith, Bobby Brown



“I love the Jammcard family, I am based in NYC and it’s been fantastic to connect with new and old friends from all over the place, especially in Los Angeles. Finally by coincidence I’ll be in town this weekend during when an event is taking place. I hope I get to attend and meet you all, especially the man himself, Elmo Lovano.”

– Chris Ward (saxophone) Lord Huron, Felix Pastorious



“It has been so wonderful to be on Jammcard connecting with all these great musicians and hearing them perform at the Jams is so inspiring the best new way to find great musicians for gigs world wide!”

– Danny Shamoun (drums) Sasy, Scars on Broadway



“Jammcard App is just straight up family yo. Y’all inspire and motivate me to keep playing, keep singing, keep writing… keep dreaming. Life is good. Keep doing what you do Jamm Fam. Word up to Jammcard.”

– Jamond McCoy (background vocals, keys) Jeremy Renner



“I used Jammcard to put together the LA lineup for my band FU^K. I needed a saxophone player at the last second who could read some pretty insane charts and come through prepared and Elmo Lovano nailed the request. Thanks to Woody Mankowski bringing everyone in the game together!”

– Pete Pidgeon (guitar) Levon Helm



“I love that I grew up with music being a communal/family tradition. Because the music community is the one place I can truly feel like I’m apart of something bigger, Jammcard does that to me. Being surrounded by like minded musicians, it reassures me that I’m not alone in the pursuit of happiness on this roller coaster of an industry.”

– Julien Arman (vocals) The Voice



“Thank you for putting together such an elite networking community Jammcard!”

– Noor Cheree (musical director, bass) Emiko



“I’ve only been a member for a short while, but it’s already clear to me how much amazing potential there is for us here. I appreciate that this is an app solely for professionals, saving us untold hours on the phone, combing through social media, etc! Cheers!”

– David Keith (drums) Ritchie Blackmore



“I’m stoked about Jammcard because it’s exactly what the music community has been needing, a legitimate way to connect! It’s not just a place to meet other like-minded musicians, but a way to seek out and find inspiration. I attended my first JammJam recently and was blown away to see all of the incredible talent there. Can’t wait to see the community grow and hopefully continue to grow along with it!”

– Aaron Richards (vocals) Monstercat



“Really digging Jammcard so far! Easy to use, streamlined platform for networking and socializing with peers. In sort of a “same team/all in this together” vibe. Hope to attend the next JammJam to meet some folks in person.”

– Ariel (songwriter, artist)



“I love that everyone on Jammcard is genuinely supportive.”

– Carolyn Samuelson (singer songwriter)



“What I love about Jammcard is the ability to see so much activity and work going on in the musical community I want to be a larger part of; being able to monitor and stay updated on the progress of my contemporaries is a constant inspiration to me!”

– Art Santora (session guitar, bass, musical director) Jim Kaufman Productions



“What I love about Jammcard is being able to see all the great stuff that the other cats are accomplishing and get inspired by it! Hope to see you all at the JammJam in Capitol Studios!”

– Alvaro Paiva-Bimbo (musical director, guitar) Becky G



“Jammcard is changing the game! It’s allowed a platform for the best musicians to gather and share ideas/work. Having just graduated from college last week I’m looking forward to really utilizing Jammcard and making new friends/colleagues. Thanks Elmo Lovano for creating something so useful and relevant!”

– Sam Yun (session guitar)



“Jammcard is the best app on my phone. There I said it. I use it the most out of anything. I love the community and the love that’s here at Jammcard. I love my Jammcard family.”

– Nathan Ricks (session drums)



“Jammcard is the best dating app PERIOD.”

– Adam Lathrum (engineer, mixer) Grouplove, Christina Perri



“Jammcard I love how you guys have revolutionized the way musicians network. You have single handedly changed the game for the better.”

– Eddy Barco (drums, Nebula Podcast host)



“The worst part of touring is missing the JammJams.”

– Harry Foster (session bass)



“I love Jammcard because it allows me to connect with individuals from every angle of my interest, whether a specific genre, specific kind of gear, or involvement with a specific artist. In addition, I especially appreciate that the opportunities they create for everyone to meet in real life!”

– Zephyr Avalon (bass) Wayne Kramer, Arturo Sandoval



“I love Jammcard because it empowers a community of musicians and creatives by facilitating the networking process, so that we can spend more time playing and creating. It’s inspiring to see such incredible talent and passion all on one platform! I’m stoked to see what we all will do with it.”

– Jc Balserak (engineer)



“Jammcard has quickly become the easiest and most professional way to network with other artists. Weeding out all the other BS that comes with social media platforms.”

– Living Dead Drummer (drums) Street Drum Corps



“My favorite thing about Jammcard is I don’t have to filter. It’s made by dope musicians, for dope musicians, and everything I see on here is people doing dope shit! What a great way to bring the professional community together, in an era where we could so easily succumb to negativity and competition. Love you guys. When we succeed as an industry, and the way we do business is better suited for everyone, we all succeed together. Thanks Elmo.”

– Eli Cherry (musical director, drums) Pia Toscano



“Jammcard is great cause I can watch all these great musician’s videos here. Loads on inspiration and motivation to be captured. Thanks Elmo Lovano.”

– Robb Torres (guitar) Trapt



“To me, I love how Jammcard has made our music community stronger by hosting JammJams and encouraging new collaborations. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people because of Jammcard, and look forward to many more collabs through the Jammcard family.”

– Jon Manness (horns) Gloria Trevi



“Super stoked about what’s to come very soon with the Jammcard platform. Invited to my first JammJam last year & ever since then I’ve been in total awe bout the community. Thanks Elmo Lovano and Christian Paul Meadows for being so accepting.”

Alexander Stafford (stage manager) Janelle Monae, Jidenna



“I love Jammcard because I can keep up with what other musician friends are up to, I can find musicians for gigs and mostly it inspires me to do better! Hope to see you at the JammJam!!”

– Ben Spivak (bass) Magic!



“I love Jammcard because it brings people together! It goes beyond its power as an app that connects us with other pro musicians. The JammJam’s gather us as a group to make music and continue building these relationships in real life. Happy to be part of this special community. Hope to see you at the next JammJam!”

– Lindsay Artkop (drums, Hit Like A Girl champion)



“I’m still new to Jammcard but every JammJam I’ve been to has been very inspiring and resourceful being able to network and hear these talented musicians play.”

– Ian Liz (session guitar)



“So grateful to be apart of this wonderful community Jammcard! The best of the best are here and it’s a pleasure being surrounded by you all.”

– Tara J King (singer songwriter)



“My favorite part about Jammcard is how hard-working and willing to help each other Jammcard users can be! A great resource for building a team or just meeting cool people!”

– James Davidson (artist manager)



“I love Jammcard, because it let’s me communicate with other wonderful users. Let’s share positivity, love, respect, & friendship. Cheers! I love Jammcard. I love Capitol Records.”

SeHwang Kim (guitar) Kpop, Wyclef Jean



“I love Jammcard because it created a network and a community, great job Elmo Lovano! It’s also great for musician referrals… way better than calling Barry Squire!”

– Fernando Jaramillo (drums) Nick Carter



“What I like about Jammcard is that I can create new musical relationships with incredible musicians and music makers with the touch of a button. What I love about Jammcard is that I finally found a reason to spell jamm with two “M”s. Thanks Elmo Lovano and the Jammcard crew!”

– Jacquelyn Schreiber (keys) Estrella TV



“Huge shoutout to Jammcard for this amazing community. I can honestly say I’ve become a better musician simply by being connected. The outlets and opportunities are endless and always available. Can’t wait to experience what the future holds for my Jammcard family and myself. I’m truly blessed!”

– Jacob Garcia (musical director) Little Willie G.



“Jammcard FTW! Thanks for all that you do to bring us closer together Elmo Lovano and crew.”

Ian Roller (horns) Genr8r



“The thing I love most about Jammcard is how free I am allowed to be when singing! I don’t have to worry about corny vibes and mean spirited people. I can come to a safe place to share my gift!! I really hope I can get into the next JammJam at Capitol.”

– Aja Grant (background vocals) Common, Chante Moore



“So honored to be involved with Jammcard! Being part of such an awesome community of musicians and talent is priceless, especially as an LA transplant from Ireland. Jammcard has allowed to meet and play with some of the best musicians in the world which, is the reason I came to LA in the first place. Thank you Elmo Lovano and the rest of the Jammcard team, keep up the great work!”

Alexander Mathias (saxophone) Amy Winehouse



“I love seeing all the inspiring posts and cool things you all are doing. We all share that love of music that goes beyond just wanting to play – we’ve chosen to make it our profession, even with the acrid realities that come with it. There was a time, recently, when I thought the music industry was dead, but Jammcard is slowly helping me become less cynical and come out of my shell. Thanks y’all.”

Anthony Paul Lopez (drums)



“As a Brazilian drummer, arriving here in LA was definitely a scary thing. Jammcard made it so much easier for me and for everybody else who came to LA to pursue your own dreams. So much love for being part of this family!”

 Bruno Lamas (drums)



“I could gush for days about what an incredibly life changing resource Jammcard is for our community of music professionals. To have fingertip access to such a massive pool of our peers without having to sift through the masses is quite simply priceless. You all are the hardest working cats in the business and keeping connected with you keeps me inspired and motivated. Thanks again and again and again to Elmo Lovano and every single member of the Jammfam!”

Jim Cobb (musical director, guitar)



“What’s up Jamm fam… everyone getting excited about the Capitol jamm? Big congrats to Elmo and everyone for taking Jammcard to this level. The jamms have been really fun and I’ve met a lot of great players – come a long way from cool jam in a cool living room!”

Tom McNalley (guitar, artist)



“It’s because of this platform that we are empowered to press forward along this journey of life together, enabling us to enjoy every moment of creative flow.”

Madlyn Hall (background vocals) 30 Seconds to Mars



“Thank you Jammcard for this platform for artistry for the entertainment community. Your contribution to the musician community has been very impactful. I’m happy to be apart. Thank you Elmo Lovano and Jammcard.”

Tiffani World Wide (drums)



“I stumbled upon Jammcard by chance. Since then it’s opened my eyes to an entire community of immensely talented musicians and fiercely passionate people. You’re the sh** Elmo Lovano. You know, in case nobody’s told ya today.”

Refi Sings (vocals) Hans Zimmer



“I’m so glad I was able to find Jammcard not only is it an excellent tool to socialize with passionate musicians but it’s another opportunity to level up your craft by being able to go to JammJams. Gotta thank Elmo Lovano.”

Ray Real (producer) Jay-Z



“Thanks Jammcard for creating this amazing app for us professionals. What an amazing community and love what you have created for us.”

Edgar Sandoval (violin) Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters



“Jammcard is incredible! It has revolutionized how musicians connect and it has made it so much easier for people to find other professionals and to get hired as well. It’s always inspiring to see all of these amazing things everyone is up to on here – it makes me want to work harder and I’ve definitely become a better musician because of it. I’ve also gotten to meet and connect with so many phenomenal people and I’m glad to be a part of the Jammcard family. Thank you Elmo Lovano!”

Lucas Sader (guitar) John Legend, Ledisi



“What I love about Jammcard and the community is their desire to bring together a diversity of all races, genders, and all styles of music to celebrate the oneness of music!”

Gussie Miller (background vocals) Marcus Miller, Cher



“Jammcard is the best place for me to find inspiration and connect with awesome musicians that I would never imagine to before! JammJam is also one of the most amazing events I have ever been to. There, I find the most welcoming community that is full of amazingly talented and humble artists. I feel very lucky and honored to be a part of the community. Thanks Elmo Lovano and the team for your work. Jammcard is the future!”

Trung Bao (beatbox world champion)



“I’ve never felt the music community this connected before.”

Rod Castro (guitar) Ellie Goulding, Beyonce



“Jammcard has enabled me to connect with so many amazing musicians and for that I’m grateful! Big love.”

Camila Grey (keys, bass) Adam Lambert



“Thanks to Jammcard, Elmo Lovano, and all the Jammcard family for making this for all the musicians!”

Gabi Martinez (guitar)



“It’s insane the amount of people that I connected here with and see out there playing and making it happen! Thanks Jammcard and Elmo Lovano family for putting this together!”

Lucas Bidran (drums)



“Blessed to be a part of such an amazing music community like Jammcard. Thank you Elmo Lovano and thank you fam! Love getting to meet new people and hanging out with not just talented beings but super kind souls.”

Destiny Petrel (guitar, musical director) Morgan Saint



“Really loving this app. Found a guitar player for some gigs. Never woulda without this.”

Sherman (bass) The Veronicas



“Love Jammcard and what they’re doing for the music community.”

– Gil Smith (Musical Director) G-Dragon, Black Pink, G Eazy



“What I love about the Jammcard community is that I am able to connect with so many artists around the world. Not only that this is a place where you can find like minds who share a love for music and creation just as much as you do. I am so excited to be about of this because I know Jammcard will continue to develop and expand! I am looking forward to where this will go!”

Zyah Belle (background vocals, songwriter) Too Short, Snoop Dogg



“This feels like some super exclusive club for all the coolest kids. I’ve seen so many amazing singers and musicians that I haven’t met before! I’m grateful to be apart of Jammcard.”

Alisa Joe (background vocals) Jazmine Sullivan, Trey Songs, Chrisette Michele



“Can we please take a moment to appreciate how truly amazing this app is?! Thank you to everybody on the Jammcard team who makes this stuff possible and for giving us musicians an amazing platform to network with!”

Sage Weeber (drums)



“I’m grateful for the community that Jammcard has curated. As a tour manager, my travel schedule doesn’t allow for much free time in LA, but things like the JammJam is why I’ve dedicated my life to music in the first place.”

Adam Blain (tour manager) Kamasi Washington



“Jammcard is such a smooth system to network and connect in the industry. I have been networking a lot on Jammcard, linking up with tour managers and musicians in need of photography at their tours and sessions.”

– Eric Ahlgrim (tour photographer) Foo Fighters



“I’m still pretty new to Jammcard BUT I have witnessed others network and book gigs from being a part of this community! That’s what inspired me to join. I was excited at the opportunity to meet like minded individuals who are passionate about building their careers just as I am. In addition to that, it’s wonderful to see that I have somewhat of a support system – a connection to people who understand what I’m experiencing as an entertainer. I look forward to my future with Jammcard.”

– Brooke Brewer (background vocals) Aretha Franklin, Little Big Town



“With Jammcard I’ve landed my 1st pop gig with recording artist AJ Mitchell. I love Jammcard

– Mike Matthews (keyboard) AJ Mitchell



“I love Jammcard. I’ve booked a couple tech gigs through meeting folks on Jammcard and it’s a great opportunity for all musicians to meet and hang together.”

– Rosh Roslin (tech) Dweezil Zappa, Def Leppard, Maroon 5



“LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE JAAAMMMMMCCCAAAARRDDD! The connections and growth that I’ve achieved from being apart of this app and community is amazing!”

– Cooki Turner (background vocals) Trace Adkins



“I think Jammcard is one of the best things to happen to working musicians in a long time.  I check it multiple times a day and have gotten work/auditions from it. A couple of months ago I went to Canada through Jammcard. I’ve also have gotten other friends in other city’s gigs because of it. I moved to LA a year and a half ago to only focus on music and this app has given confidence as having a career in music and all the possibilities it holds.  Thanks to Elmo and the team!”

Richard Emery (musical director, multi-instrumentalist) Arturo O’Farrill, Columbus Jazz Orchestra



“I’m so grateful for this beautiful and inspiring community.”

– Tiana Ohara (guitar) Queen Naija, Jammcard 20 Under 20 winner



“The JammFam always come through with the best gigs. Got to live my best life accompanying Sofia Carson in Porto Cervo, Italy. Making tons of great friends to last a lifetime. Thanks to Elmo, Christian, and the rest of the fam at Jammcard.”

– Mike Arrom (musical director, keyboards) Keith Urban, Madison Beer, Sofia Carson



“This is Ashley Maietta from the band Luci! All three of us use Jammcard and have met some incredible people! We’ve booked some incredible backing gigs with great artists who we now communicate with regularly. We even ended up singing bvs on an entire album. Jammcard is such a great tool to connect and it’s been amazing seeing it grow!”

– Ashley Maietta (vocals, background vocals) Luci, Gavyn Bailey



“Best idea ever and it’s a true platform for musicians and performers to connect.”

– Samir Shravastava (composer, producer) Founder of Kollaborative



“I moved to LA 4 years ago not having any friends here or knowing too many people. Ever since I attended my first Jammcard event I felt at home being surrounded by like minded musicians. The energy, the vibes. From waiting in line to standing for hours watching musicians express themselves. I would love to attend every event in LA because of the joy it brings to me being in a city away from home. Thank you for bringing a sense of community to my life out here!”

– Jeff Bernat (singer/ songwriter)



“I think Jammcard is such a great network for musicians and the events have been a great way to connect with new working musicians. Especially for someone like me who is fairly new to Los Angeles. I got offered to be in a Warner Bros. feature film because they needed a trumpet player for a scene. They had seen my pictures off of Jammcard and I thought that was pretty rad.”

– Julian Dessler (trumpet, arranger) Josh Groban



“Love the Jammcard platform. As a woman, it allows me the opportunity to connect with other amazing female producers, musicians, and artists.”

– MB Padfield (singer, songwriter)



“I think that it’s a killer platform to bring serious working musicians together and help talented people network in an easy way. Really love the quality control with the invite only as well.”

– Bryan Morton (producer, engineer) Timbaland, Logic



“The app is GENIUS! I think it has potential to change everything about the industry that discourages young artists to keep going. Secret jam sessions, REAL person to person networking. I’m so glad to be a part of this”

– Tenelle (artist)



“I love Jammcard. Elmo is a god and Christian is one of his angels!  I have not only really dug the events but also getting in touch w/ great players, hiring them and going to their shows. Beam me up Scotty!!!”

– Chris Adelmann (composer/businessman) EVP of LiveNation



“With Jammcard I have been able to secure a few auditions with major artists as well as make connections with other musicians. The group that I sing with was able to secure singers to join us in our show. Being able to connect with other musicians through Jammcard has been great.”

– Kamili Mitchell (background vocals) Deitrick Haddon, Jeremy Renner



“I recently just joined Jammcard after Terrace Martin telling me about it. Since I’ve joined I’ve made some good connection with plenty of other talented musicians and have gotten to collaborate! Jammcard has made it so much more convenient to communicate and connect with new talented artists and musicians! Nothing but positive feedback for Jammcard!”

– RJ (mixing engineer) Fever Recording Studios



“Jammcard has enabled access to all these people who I would not otherwise have met.”

– Jorel Corpus (mixing engineer) Brandy, Tyrese, Boyz II Men



“I think Jammcard is great at cultivating AND deepening relationships in the music industry. It’s network of working musicians, including everyone from the professionals who support global A level artists each night, playing to sold out stadiums, to the young and talented musicians that are looking to dive deeper into the industry. I love that it connects performers and creators who are doing it every day, right now! The spirit behind Jammcard is infectious, and the JammJam is a tangible representation of the talent and friendship thriving in the Jammcard community.”

– Ben Moore (marketing) The Recording Academy



“Loving JammCard. I just recommended Francesca Dardani for Avril Lavigne and she got the NY gigs so that was awesome.”

– Eliza James (violin) Burt Bacharach, Paul Anka



“I love jammcard. Whenever I have a show and need assistance I post there. I’ve hired 2 keyboardist so far.”

– Marieme (artist)



“I think Jammcard is a fabulous platform to network with real industry professionals. It differs from other networking apps because of its exclusivity and selective filtering. My favorite part about it would be the strong sense of community it provides. I love the constant support I have received and have also mutually distributed to my peers working and hustling in the field. I’ve met some interesting people already just via the app!”

– Lindsay Lucas (songwriter, vocals, artist)