Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jammcard? 

Jammcard is the Music Professionals Network. We create technology, media, and events for the music industry and music lovers.


What does the Jammcard app do? 

The Jammcard app is a social marketplace for music professionals. For music professionals, you can apply to join. When you’re accepted, you can create your Jammcard profile which acts as your digital resume. You can browse, search and message any of our members, as well as book them and be booked yourself. For non-music professionals, you can use the Jammcard app as a Booker. This allows you to browse, search and book our members. Only members can get booked and use the social network features, but Bookers can book members for consultation, lessons or to work with them on projects.


How do I become a Jammcard member?

You can apply to become a Jammcard member by applying here.


What does Jammcard look for in order to become a member? 

Our approach is to make sure that all of our members are full time, active, music professionals. We go through every application thoroughly to ensure that. We look to verify who you’ve worked with, recorded with, performed with, your accomplishments, your skill level, what other organizations you are a member of, your support from others (gear companies, artists, brands), among other things that will ensure us that you’re a full time, active, music professional.


What is Jammcard Booking? 

Jammcard Booking is our feature that allows our members to find independent contractor work, while allowing people around the world to bring opportunities to our members by sending them booking requests. We handle the payment processing, which allows us to make our members comfortable knowing that they will get paid on time, every time. For decades, musicians have had to wait weeks, months, even YEARS to get paid, and we felt that was fundamentally wrong. Our team is comprised of music professionals, so we know the pain personally, and wanted to stand up and make a change. You can now Book our members to record, teach, mentor, and/or consult you.


What is the cost to use Jammcard?

The Jammcard app is free for our members! We do not charge them a subscription or an activation fee.


How much do members get charged from a Booking on Jammcard? 

Our members get charged 3% of the total they’ve been booked for. This 3% covers the credit card transaction fees. Jammcard does not make money from our members getting Booked.


How much does the Booker get charged? 

The Booker gets charged 10% on top of the Booking Offer if they are not a member. This is the same as Airbnb. So for example, if you Book a member for $100, at checkout you will pay $110. This allows us to keep the lights on, and build more opportunities, events, and content with our members.


How do payments work?

When the buyer confirms a Booking request, Jammcard charges the buyer, holds the money in escrow and initiates the payment to the member right when the booking is complete. Jammcard does not profit from the member side receiving a Booking. There is a 3% charge that covers the credit card transaction fees via Stripe. Jammcard charges a Booking fee only to the buyer for providing the service to them.


What is the Booking flow?

A buyer will send a Booking Request that has the title, date, and money offer for the Booking.

The member can then Accept, Decline, or say I’m Interested to the request.

If the member clicks Accept, the buyer can then Confirm the Booking and the Booking and payment will be locked!

You can message each other in the Jammcard messenger for more details, sharing files, zoom links, etc.

If the member clicks Decline, it’s simply declined and the buyer can look for other members.

If the member clicks I’m Interested, you can message each other in the Jammcard messenger and discuss more about the opportunity, negotiate for more money, a different date, whatever is necessary.

Once the buyer and member have agreed, the buyer can click Edit Booking Request, insert the new terms mutually agreed on, and send the member an Amended Booking Request.

The member can then Accept those new terms. The buyer will then Confirm, and the Booking and payment will be locked.


Can an amateur musician or hobbyist use Jammcard?

An amateur musician or hobbyist can be a Booker on Jammcard.


How can I book someone on Jammcard?

Install the Jammcard app on your phone via the App Store or Google Play Store. Click “I want to Book Music Professionals,” create an account, and then you’re in the app. You can then browse and search our member base. When you find who you want to Book, click the Book button on their Card (profile), and you can send them a Booking Request. The member will review your request and offer, then decide for themselves if they’d like to accept, decline, or negotiate it.


Is Jammcard for amateur musicians?

Jammcard membership is for professionals only, but Jammcard can be used by amateurs to book our members.


Is Jammcard only for music professionals?

Jammcard membership is for music professionals only. But non-members can use the app to send our members opportunities via Booking Requests.


Can I dispute a booking, and if so how?

Yes. Go to the Booking tab, under Past, find the Booking you want to dispute and click it. Then scroll down and click File a Complaint. You have 24 hours after the Booking date ends to file a dispute. We will review and get back to you within 3-4 days.


If I have a problem with my booking, how do I get a refund?

You can get a refund by disputing the Booking. When you dispute it, a Jammcard team member will contact  you to discuss if a refund is due. If so, we will refund you immediately and the money will go back into the credit card you paid within 72 hours.


Can I download Jammcard on my desktop/laptop?

No, at this time, the Jammcard app is only for iPhones and Android phones. You can watch our content, listen to our music and read our blogs on your desktop though.


Can I download Jammcard outside of the United States?

Not at this time. Jammcard is currently only available in the United States.  Check back with us as we plan to launch internationally in the future.


Can I have more than one Card?

You may. You will have to apply for each Card though. We highly recommend only using one card.


Are agencies allowed in Jammcard?

Agencies are not allowed as Jammcard members. However, they can use Jammcard as a Booker.


Are record labels allowed in Jammcard?

Record labels are only allowed to use Jammcard as Bookers. They are not allowed as members.


If I sign up for Booking as a buyer/Booker, do I have full access to Jammcard?

You do not have full access to Jammcard as a Booker. You do have the ability to browse, search and book any of our thousands of music professional members. You will not have the social network features; that is reserved for our music professional members only. You do have the ability to book them, learn from them and work with them though.


Jammcard UK, France & Denmark


What does opening Jammcard in these countries mean?

Jammcard will now be available in the UK, France and Denmark App Stores and Google Play Stores. We’ll now be accepting members that are music professionals in the UK, France & Denmark.


If I have a Jammcard UK, France or Denmark account, will I be able to use the Jammcard US app?

Yes, they are the same. All chapters are accessible. If you’re a Jammcard member, it doesn’t matter where you are or which chapter you’re in, it’s all one community.


If I have a Jammcard UK, France or Denmark account, will I be able to search for and contact members in the US cities? And vice versa?

Yes, you can access all members in all chapters.