We create technology, media, and events for the music industry and music lovers.

Jammcard is the Music Professionals Network. The Jammcard app is a social marketplace for music professionals. Our members are vetted, active pros, and many are the top in the music world. We coined the term “music professionals” and consider “music professionals” to be full time professional musicians, producers, musical directors, songwriters, arrangers, vocalists, top liners, studio engineers, live engineers, managers, tour managers, production managers, stage managers, lighting directors, video directors, techs, crew and more. Essentially, anyone in the studio and anyone on the tour bus.


Additionally to the app, Jammcard creates original content and events, including our members only event, the JammJam. In 2020, we launched Jammcard Music, our non-exclusive and artist friendly label, with the first release being Terrace Martin’s Gray Area.


With the Jammcard Booking feature, any level of musician, from top level pro to aspiring pro, student and hobbyist, is able to book the best music professionals as a work for hire to record, produce, mix, arrange, teach, mentor and/or consult you. Our members are vetted and hand picked pros by Jammcard. Anyone can install the app and send a booking request to our members, but only our members can list their services and get booked.


If you’re a music professional, you can apply to join as a member. Members can create and share a Jammcard profile to be booked and build their creative portfolio highlighting their skills, experiences, videos, photos, tracks, tour dates, media, gear, etc. Whether you’re a musician, producer, singer, songwriter, music director, creative director, manager, live/studio engineer, crew, etc., Jammcard provides a vetted network of members for you to connect with to accomplish your professional needs.


Currently our members are in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia, France, Denmark, and the UK. We vet each member carefully to ensure everyone in the app is an active professional. To become a member, you can apply to join on the welcome screen of the app, or you can get an Invite Code from a member with invite privileges.


With Jammcard Booking, you have the ability to connect your talents to the world with ease. Once you set up your profile in the Jammcard app, you can share it to not only fellow Jammcard members, but to any potential buyer aka Booker around the US. Jammcard Booking keeps your business safe, secure and simple. And the best part, we make sure you get paid immediately. Never chase money owed to you again! We handle the payment processing for you, so you — can just do you.


Add your Jammcard link to your social media bio, website, or send it out in an email blast. Let potential Bookers know you’re available to be booked for gigs, lessons, sessions and consultations. Once you’re set up on Booking, it will display the Book button on your Card so other members can book you for opportunities as well.


Jammcard doesn’t collect revenue from you when you are booked. There is a 3% processing fee that covers the credit card fees. We charge the Booker a fee for procuring your services which allows Jammcard to continue to build the community so we can bring all of our members more value and opportunities.