The Samples aka Sunday Service Choir JammJam LIVE FULL CONCERT out now!

The Samples aka Sunday Service Choir JammJam LIVE FULL CONCERT out now!

The Sunday Service Choir has captured the hearts and ears of the world, but on their own, they’re called The Samples. We brought them together for a full JammJam headlining performance, and it was incredible.

Watch the full performance here!

We were fortunate to work with The Samples to create a sample pack for our label on Splice. After releasing this pack, we talked with the choir director and creative director of The Samples/Sunday Service Choir, Jason White and Nikki Grier, about them flipping their own samples from the pack and turning them into full songs for a performance live at the JammJam. This video is that entire show 🙂

The Choir:
Nikki Grier
Chelsea West
Carmel Echols
Alexandria Griffin
Porcha Clay
Claudia Cunningham
Princess Jones
Ashly Williams
Dwanna Orange
Chelsea Miller
Jasmine Patton
China Orr
Ashley Nichol
Melanie Tryggestad
Herman Bryant
George Hamilton
Carl Fostet
Jerel Duren
Cedric Leonard
Brandon D. Berry
Michael Adkins
Jonathan Coleman

The Band:
Jason White – Keys
Phil Cornish – Keys / Synth / B3 Organ
Darius Woodley – Drums and DJ

Choir Director:
Anthony Jawan McEastland

Produced by Elmo Lovano
Recorded by Chris McLaughlin & Chris Harbach aka Mid-Air!
Mixed by Chandler Harrod
Shot by Paisley Zerr, Nicola De Prato & Dana Willax
Video edited by Micheal Bowden

Filmed and recorded at Perfect Sound Studios in Frogtown, CA.

Big thank you’s to our partners at Sony 360RA, Splice, Perfect Sound, The Samples and all the singers, musicians and crew that were a part of this JammJam!

The JammJam is a Jammcard members only event featuring the best musicians in the world, held in the round, at pop up locations.


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