JammJam At Life Is Beautiful with Jacob Collier, T-Pain, Steve Vai, JoJo RECAP


The JammJam made its return at the Life Is Beautiful festival and it was one for the books.

1st JammJam at a festival
1st JammJam open to the public
1st JammJam outdoors
1st JammJam in Las Vegas

Experience a moment from the JammJam at Life Is Beautiful

Performances by: 
Jacob Collier
Steve Vai
Justin Lee Schultz
Eric Moore
Elmo Lovano
Sarah Thawer
Emily Elbert
Bryn Bliska
Alita Moses
Christian Euman
Robin Mullarkey

Watch Elmo Lovano’s drum cam view from the JammJam 

Giant thank you’s to the Life Is Beautiful family for giving us the opportunity, the incomparable Jacob Collier for collaborating with us, the amazing musicians who performed, and everyone in the crowd who came by to experience it.

View the JammJam at Life Is Beautiful photo album 

We’ve watched the JammJam grow from our living room to its first major festival in just 4 years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and collaboration over these years! Until next time : )


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