Jammcard Members Performing at Lollapalooza 2019

Jammcard Members Performing at Lollapalooza 2019


It’s summer time, which means festival season. This year’s Lollapalooza has a whole bunch of the Jammcard family performing, once again. Make sure to find each other backstage and say hello! Here’s a list of some of our members performing to help you: 

Thomas Drayton (bass) – Childish Gambino 

Hammondgal (keyboard) – Childish Gambino

Sam Sugarman (guitar) – Childish Gambino

Sarah Landau (lighting designer) – Childish Gambino 

Chris Hartz (drums) – Childish Gambino

Ray Suen (guitar) – Childish Gambino

Timothy Mcclure (background vocals) – Childish Gambino

Taneka Samone (background vocals) – Childish Gambino

Aaron Spears (drums) – Ariana Grande

Erik Rodstol (monitor engineer) – Ariana Grande 

Marece Williams (playback) – Ariana Grande 

Krystal J (Kgalactica) – (keyboard, bgv’s, trumpet) – Janelle Monae

De’Arcus Curry (drums) – Janelle Monae

Mikey Phillips (musical director) – Janelle Monae

Teja (background vocals, bass) – Janelle Monae

Tracyan Martin (background vocals, keyboard,guitar) – Janelle Monae

Matt Mcguire (drums, musical director) – The Chainsmokers 

Marcus Thomas (drums) – J Balvin

Mr. Jimmy Rowland (keyboard) –  Kacey Musgraves

Kristen Rogers (background vocals) Hozier

Calvin Johnson (lighting, lighting designer) – H.E.R. 

Andres Nordstrom (guitar) – Lil Wayne

John Konesky (guitar) – Tenacious D

Dan Hadley (show designer) Tenacious D

Alex Maldonado (guitar) – 6lack

JT Gagarin (monitor engineer) – 6lack

David Myers (drums) – 6lack

Jerome Monroe (bass, musical director) – 6lack

Christopher Patterson (production manager) – 6lack

Richard Moreno (front of house engineer) – 6lack

Xander (tech) – 6black

Spencer Peterson – (musical director) – Gryffin, Alec Benjamin 

Michel’le Baptiste (drums) – Normani

David Cola (drums) – Jackie Foster

Ethan David Cate (bass) – Jackie Foster 

Bianca Ricahrdson (drums) – Conan Gray

Lexi Lynn Frazier (guitar) – Pink Sweats 

Emmanuel Echem (trumpet) – Lauren Daigle

Daniel Sauls (ableton programmer/sampler) – Lauren Daigle 

Noelle Scaggs (vocals) – Fitz and the Tantrums

Lawrence William IV (guitar, bass synth, vocals) – Hayley Kiyoko 

Max Bernstein (musical director) – Hayley Kiyoko 

Valerie Franco (drums) – Hayley Kiyoko 

Mitch Parks (keyboard) – Lennon Stella

Drew Chafee (musical director) – Cautious Clay

Jack DeBoe (drums) – Emily King 

Edison Lo (guitar, keyboard) – Shallou

Brandon Bae (keyboard, guitar, background vocals) – Harry Hudson

Isaac Bolivar (keyboard, guitar, background vocals) – Harry Hudson 

Dan Cleary (guitar) – Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra 

Nick Maybury (guitar) – Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra 

Brendan Buckley (drums) – Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra

Kenneth A. La Barre (director) – Lollapalooza 

Brian Kesley (musical director, bass) – Maggie Rogers 

Rhett Noland (drums) – NF

Travis Stoker (front of house engineer) – NF

Chris Denholm (production manager) – NF

Jonas Jalhay (musical director) – Bishop Briggs

Celina Rollon (tour manager) – Bishop Briggs

Chris Montgomery (front of house engineer) – Bishop Briggs

Nicole Mago (tour photographer) – Shaed

Steve Octave (musical director) – Russo 

Hayley Brownell (drums) – Russo

Sean Ritchie (bass) – Russo

Nick Diiorio (bass) – Tessa Violet

Jess Bowen (drums) – Tessa Violet

Chandler Pucket (playback, monitor engineer) – Gunna 

Sam Drake (monitor engineer) – Judah The Lion

Drew Allsbrook (front of house, monitor engineer, production manager) – AJR

Chris Berry (drums) – AJR

Chris Null (bass) – Mondo Cozmo

Drew beck (guitar, background vocals, keyboard) – Mondo Cozmo 

Andrew Tolman (drums) – Mondo Cozmo

Danielle McGinley (keyboards) – Bea Miller 

Mike Avenaim (musical director, drummer) – Bea Miller

Jacob Evergreen (guitar) – Bea Miller

Bernard TreWay Lambert (drums) – Meek Mill

Luis “Lou” Rodriguez (monitor engineer) – Meek Mill 

Scott Philibert (playback) – Louis the Child

Danny Mills (bass) – Ryan Beatty

Johannes Gritschacher (drums) – Ryan Beatty

By: Jammcard & Charles Weinmann