Governor Newsom Signs AB2257 Into Law. Protects Thousands Of Music Professionals From AB5

It’s official! Governor Newsom has signed the new bill into law. This new bill, AB2257, protects thousands of music professionals in California from the AB5 Bill. The new bill by no means fixes everything or solves every problem that AB5 brings, but it is a MAJOR step in the right direction, and we will continue fighting for musicians. Negotiating with the unions and the professional politicians is difficult, but having the voices of the actual music professionals that are affected is what pushed this over the line. THANK YOU to all the Jammcard members who sent in emails, filled out polls, and gave us incredible quotes and stories to submit to the unions, organizations, assemblypeople, senators, and the governor. Much love to all, especially the team of musicians and Jordan Bromley, who worked tirelessly, for free, to fix this situation the best we possibly could. We will keep going.

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