Eric Moore is on Jammcard Mentors!

Eric Moore is on Jammcard Mentors!


Eric Moore is our newest Mentor! Eric is a drummer and entrepreneur who has worked with artists like Suicidal Tendencies, T.R.A.M., Bobby Brown, Infectious Grooves and many more. He’s also the founder of Dopestickz and Drum Resort in Las Vegas.

He’s opening up his schedule for 1-on-1 live video mentorship sessions through Jammcard Mentors. Eric is ready to discuss any and all things related to drums, brand-building, entrepreneurship, landing endorsements, and any other related topics you’d like to dive into.

Join his waitlist, and you’ll be first to know when he opens up mentorship slots.

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Jammcard Mentors is a music mentor marketplace, where you can book 1-on-1 live video calls with music’s leading pros.

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