Announcing Jammcard Miami 🚀

We are excited to open up our next chapter, Jammcard Miami!!

Please let your music pro friends know that Jammcard Miami is open and ready to go!

So what does this mean? Music pros in Miami can now join the Jammcard app, and we will be bridging the chapters together, bringing opportunities, and enabling more collaborations.

We’ll also be doing our first events there, including Montreux Jazz Festival in Miami this weekend, where we’ll be producing the legendary Montreux Jam all three nights!

“The Jammcard community launching in Miami is truly something that will change the future of music in the 305. Everywhere they go, they enhance the scene with excitement, showcase outlandish musicianship, and offer so much more that you will soon be able to experience for yourself in our beautiful city!”
-Emily Estefan

“Jammcard is an amazing platform that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s one of the best platforms I personally used to mentor young musicians, writers and creatives coming up in the music business. I’m excited for Jammcard to come to Miami and meet and collaborate with our music community here.”
-LunchMoney Lewis

“Having Jammcard in Miami, in addition to being a gift for all the musicians and artists, is an opportunity for our community to discover and enjoy the art of the different cultures that mix and embrace each other in each unique and unforgettable Jammcard celebration.
-Munir Hossn

We look forward to hitting the ground running in Miami! Much love.

-Team Jammcard