Alice Cooper Guitarist Nita Strauss Gives Tips On Keeping The Gig

Guitarist Nita Strauss is no stranger to the audition process.  She knows the ins and outs of trying to land the gigs you want.  She also understands that once you land a gig, the real trick is keeping it.  Nita got her dream gig with Alice Cooper, and she doesn’t take a day of it for granted.

“Play every gig as if someone is there watching and is going to get you to that next level.  A lot of people have questions about getting the gig, and equally as important is keeping the gig.  When I started playing in bigger bands, I was out partying all the time, you know – going nuts, drinking all the time, showing up to rehearsal with not enough preparation.  Now I’m sober. I am never ever unprepared – never walk into a gig not knowing everyone’s parts just in case they want to switch something on me.”        ~ Nita Strauss

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