A Message From Jammcard And Ways To Get Involved

A Message From Jammcard And Ways To Get Involved


We are at a loss for what is happening to the black community right now.

But truthfully, this has been happening for so very long. We are embarrassed for not doing more in the past. We stand with the black community, our friends, members and partners, in the fight against racism, inequality, and injustice.

We will not sit on the sidelines. We will use our platform to help in this fight against injustice. We will continue to support and honor black love, black voices and black talent. We will fight for what is right and we encourage everyone to join this fight. Music is the bridge.

Let’s build this bridge together.


We encourage everyone to get involved and here are some resources we suggest:





Recommended reading:

Undoing Racism Resources from Mary Pender Greene


Recommended viewing:

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time by Baratunde Thurston


Please Sign:



With unconditional love,

-Team Jammcard