Melanie Faye, 20

Melanie Faye started playing guitar in 5th grade on a “Guitar Hero” guitar with no strings. Even without the strings, she knew this was her instrument. By 6th grade, she was playing a guitar with strings. At 20 years old, Faye has become a stand out guitarist in her home of Nashville, TN. With the help of Instagram, she became a social media sensation. Faye’s guitar skills came to prominence in the summer of 2017 when SZA retweeted a 2016 video of Faye. Amassing a large number of followers and receiving critical acclaim, she dropped out of school to pursue music full-time. She has performed nationwide with associated soul and R&B acts such as Bibi McGill, Noname, Mac Demarco and Masego. She was featured on the cover of She Shreds magazine, and was chosen by Fender to demo the Player Series of guitars.


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