Domi Degalle, 18

Domitille Degalle was born in Nancy, France, to a family of music lovers. She was immediately immersed in the music world by her parents, who enrolled her in music lessons at age 2. She found great ease in playing music, studying classical music and jazz. These two styles allowed her to develop strong technique and musicality, and also to improvise using every kind of sheet music laying around. She entered the Conservatory of Nancy at age 5 for classical training and at age 8 for jazz lessons. She was granted diplomas with highest honors at age 14 (for jazz) and 15 (for classical). While attending lessons, she was regularly called upon to play concerts in festivals with her band, the Domitille Degalle Trio, founded in 2011 with two other conservatory students. She also founded the Robusto Latin Quintet in 2013, which covered famous tunes from the Latin jazz repertoire. At age 15, she auditioned for the prestigious National Superior Conservatory of Paris. She was one of three pianists selected to enter the department, directed by Riccardo Del Fra. Jammcard discovered her when she played with Ghost-Note at the JammJam earlier this year. She is currently working on a project with fellow Jammcard member and 20 Under 20 winner JD Beck.

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